ARCama is a complete and accurate system that assists the auditor in developing equitable property values. It maintains a database of the county’s property characteristics from which value estimates are calculated. It uses valuation tables and algorithms to support the three approaches to value: cost, sales comparison, and income. It also allows classification of properties, including land and improvements, for determining fair market value.


ARCama uses Microsoft® SQL Server for an open database architecture. Consequently, it does not tie up data in a proprietary database. Standard or customized reports can be run independently from Appraisal Research Corporation. ARCama’s Microsoft compatibility ensures easy data exports for creating reports or mail merges.


ARCama is a Windows® based system that uses the same functions as other Windows based applications, including toolbars, drop-down menus, buttons, and check boxes. It also supports mouse and keyboard entry and provides ready access to screens. This can make learning to use ARCama easy because most users are familiar with the Windows operating environment. It also makes data entry fast and easy. For example, ARCama utilizes a drag and drop feature to move land and improvements from one parcel to another for splits and combines.


Integration with ARCtax

ARCtax automatically imports parcel values and district information from ARCama. It also shares names and addresses with ARCama, so there’s no need to maintain the information in two locations. This eliminates duplicate data entry and the discrepancies that can come with it.



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