At Appraisal Research Corporation, we know exactly what it takes. We’ve built — from the ground up — a comprehensive system to handle every aspect of property tax collection. Our ARCtax system uses the newest and most efficient technology and is designed to access vital

information when, where, and how it’s needed.


ARCtax allows for real-time payment posting of all types: single check, batch, and escrow. It also  allows the posting of real-time adjustments of value and amount adders, remitters, and

refunds. Deferrals on contract defaults are reinstated automatically.


With ARCtax, you can maintain bill and fee schedules, settlement fees and periods, fee types, and advance payments. Distributions, and reports on all aspects of the settlement can be

automatically calculated.


ARCtax generates a wide variety of reports, including the Tax Abstract, Receipts Distribution and Composite Settlement Recap. Standard reports allow for rendering of information on demand in various file formats, including Adobe PDF, Excel, ASCII text (tab or comma delimited) and more. Ohio Revised Code-compliant reports can be submitted electronically to the

Department of Tax Equalization.


ARCtax provides consistent and flexible data access by leveraging industry-standard Microsoft® technologies:


• SQL Server, for an open-database architecture

• Windows®, for its ease-of-use and familiarity

• .NET, for its distributed transaction capabilities

• Reporting Services, for low-cost, user-driven reports

• Office suite compatibility — Excel, Word, and Access — for exporting and using data in your preferred format

• Role-Based Security

• Easy-to-Navigate Menus


ARCtax provides a full set of standard reports, which you can generate on demand based on your data criteria. For example, you can choose to run the Real Estate Apportionment Report by sub-district group types, county sub-districts, and settlement periods. You also can create your own reports more easily than with other software.

Integration with ARCama.


ARCtax automatically imports parcel values and district information from ARCama. It also shares names and addresses with ARCama, so you won’t need to maintain the information in two places. This eliminates duplicate data entry and the discrepancies that can come with it.




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