The ARCvantage system is offered as part of Appraisal Research Corporation’s products and services.  This system is available for use by the County to view aerial imagery, on-parcel photography, parcel documents, and other parcel data and layer information.


The ARCvantage system is made available to the county as a secured cloud service (username / password required) that can be accessed through the internet via Microsoft Internet Explorer.  This is a Microsoft based state-of-the-art system designed to effectively and  efficiently deliver documents and photographs to County users.  The system combines the GIS aerial, on-parcel photography, GIS parcel layer, additional GIS layer information, and parcel documents.  A user can search for a parcel by clicking on the map, entering the parcel number, or entering the owner’s name.


The ARCvantage system has the ability to deliver the following:

Geo-located Photographs

Display of Past Sales

Parcel Documents

Soil and Land Use Calculation

Non-sitused Parcel Layer

Sketch Footprints

Geo-location of Buildings

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